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4406  RAGE-4406
The producer.

Sci-fi & Fantasy writer, M.S. in information systems, sociologist, software designer, peace activist...
Some say the Cheshire Cat lives by him.

Ecrivain de SF & Fantasy, Master en informatique, sociologue, concepteur de logiciel, activiste...
On prétend que le Chat de Chester vit chez lui.


3317  MAGE-3317
The designer.

A grand human e-nsane searching endless universes / deep microcosms in one single pixel.

Prions dans l'espoir de trouver des univers sans fin et de profonds microcosmes dans le pixel solitaire.



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Yeah, ok, but... huuurrrh... finally, who are you, ramage.ch?

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2006 July 17th

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Ascii the great abstract depression : this is KOMM.SAT+ running a new assault on MondoStrange ! url

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